Sous Vide Lamb Skewers


Well, I was updating the WordPress installation and plugins tonight and noticed I had an unreleased post with pictures prepped, but no text. I don’t remember too much of this day since it was over 4 years ago… but I’ll try my best. I’m hoping to re-ignite this project soon as well!

First step in this process was to prepare the marinade for the lamb. This is a sumac, onion, and rosemary based marinade.


Once the marinade was prepped, it was loaded into the siphon and nitrogen was shot into the marinade for further refinement.


The marinade and the lamb were then loaded into the sous vide water bath for cooking.


A drying rack was set onto a baking sheet to catch drippings and also keep the kebabs off the bottom of a flat surface as flames will need to go around the meat.


The blow torch was used to create charring (Malliard Reaction) on the lamb. This helps create a bit more texture on the meat after the sous vide process has cooked it. The charred spots also help add a more “smokey” flavor.


This was my first time with the blow torch… learned real quick to not blow torch in the dark night without lights!


Torching continued indoors to get it closer to where it should be.


The final product was quite good. Rachel doesn’t enjoy lamb, so she only had a taste. The rest of the kebab was for me!


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